Due Feb 28 | Applications for Conference Presentation Support funds

The 2016-2017 Conference Presentation Support fund will provide funds to Graduate Center students in Ph.D. programs for travel to professional meetings and conferences to present invited papers and posters or to participate in scheduled sessions. The 2016-2017 Conference Presentation Support fund will provide more than 400 awards (approx. 210 per semester), to a maximum of $300 each. The Spring 2017 funding is for academic conferences taking place between January 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017. The grant may be used for conference registration, travel, lodging, or other expenses related directly to research presentation or participation.

To be eligible for these funds, students must be registered full-time doctoral students within seven years of their first semester of enrollment. Applicants must be presenting a paper or poster or participating at a scholarly professional or student organized conference and MUST include The Graduate Center, CUNY as their academic affiliation for the conference program. If not, we will be unable to reimburse them for their expenses, even if they were approved for the funding.  Attendance alone will NOT be funded.

The submitted preliminary requests for funding will be uploaded to a database which will be randomly sorted upon the submission deadline.  The Spring 2017 application and instructions will be sent to the first 210 randomly sorted names on the list offering those students an opportunity to submit a complete application. The selected students will have two weeks in which to submit a complete application. The remainder of the names will be kept in order of the random sort and placed on a waiting list.

Applications must be approved by the student’s doctoral program’s Executive Officer and must include the necessary documentation of presentation approval from the conference organizers. Once received in our office, the applications and documentation will be evaluated for eligibility and approval. If approved, notification and further instructions will be sent to the student. If a student’s application is not approved or is received after their two week submission deadline, we will forward applications to students using the waiting list generated from the initial sorting.

For all academically-related international travel, students must follow the CUNY International Travel Guidelines, in particular, the section on mandatory procedures for “CUNY-affiliated Independent Academic Travel.” Such travel includes any self-guided international travel by a student for the purpose of research, internship activities or attending or presenting research at conferences related to academic work at CUNY. Students are required to purchase international travel insurance whether or not they are being funded for such travel. The three required forms  must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs at least two weeks prior to their departure. The insurance must include evacuation for both medical and security reasons. Submission of these forms after their return is not acceptable.

Details, forms, and the link to purchase travel insurance at the reduced CUNY rate can be found at the following site:  http://www.gc.cuny.edu/Prospective-Current-Students/Current-Students/International-Travel-Requirements-for-Current-Students.

If you  have questions regarding the on-line Preliminary Request for Funding for Fall 2016 Conference Presentation Support or the required international academic travel insurance, please contact the Office of Vice President for Student Affairs( 212/817-7400 or studentaffairs@gc.cuny.edu)

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