Feb 28 | When Writing Never Gets Done: Completing Your Incomplete Dissertations, Thesis & Papers

Wellness Center Workshop, Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Room #9204

Writers often avoid actual writing. They may labor with the mechanics and practicalities of writing or they may struggle against hidden dread of what their   written product will look like once it hits the printed page. Some writers may doubt whether they possess the knowledge to write authoritatively. Often they avoid writing altogether fearing exposure. This workshop will explore the reasons for avoidance and inhibition in writing .With the help of the audience (Bring your scenarios!), real life examples, workable insights and solutions will be presented.

This workshop led by Karen Starr, PhD and Nicholas Fehertoi

Please note that no food or beverage will be allowed during these workshops.

To register for any of these workshops, stop by the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services in Room 6422 to fill out a workshop request application. For more information please call (212) 817-8731.  You must have your student ID with current validation sticker available to present.

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