2022 Dan David Prize Announcement – Dan David Prize

We congratulate Professor Kristina Richardson on winning the 2022 Dan David Prize!


Watch the announcement here: https://dandavidprize.org/2022-dan-david-prize-announcement/ .

Dr. Kristina Richardson is a historian of the medieval Islamic world and the Roma. Her investigation of Arabic manuscripts highlights the importance of understanding the lives of non-elites and marginalized groups when seeking to gain a complete view of a society as a whole. Full biography here.

The Dan David Prize is the largest history prize in the world. Laureates are awarded $300,000 in recognition for “outstanding scholarship that illuminates the past and seeks to anchor public discourse in a deeper understanding of history.” In her case, this award comes in recognition of her recently published book Roma in the Medieval Islamic World: Literacy, Culture and Migration, which outlines a medieval history of Roma and other traveling groups and argues that they were the missing link between medieval Asian and European print, bringing print to Europe in the 15th century, decades before Gutenberg invented his press.

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