Doctoral Student Research Grant

The application period for the Doctoral Student Research Grant — for which you can get up to $1,500 for research, conference travel, and other research-related pursuits — is now open!

The mission of the Doctoral Student Research Grant Program is to foster a research-oriented academic

culture among Ph.D. students by:

(a)  providing incentives for students to model and meet, early in their careers, the requirements for succeeding in the competition for funds by clearly defining a problem, a project, and a realistic budget;

(b)  providing an occasion for faculty-student mentoring relationships that are oriented around the concrete problems of proposing, planning for, and executing research;

(c)  furthering student professional progress by providing funds for pre-doctoral research publications, presentations, and professional networking.

For more information re eligibility and online application details, click on the link below.

Be sure to carefully read the guidelines in their entirety before emailing the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs with any questions at


Dmitry Kiper
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Graduate Center, CUNY

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