Oct 24 | TLC Workshop: Teaching with Images

Teaching with Images
10/24, 4-6pm, Room C-201

Images are everywhere, all the time, but often we do not give those images much more than a glance, a scroll, a swipe, or maybe a comment. Images can help us and our students think about and better know the world around us. No matter our discipline, using images in our teaching can offer new and exciting ways to engage with texts, explore concepts, and imagine perspectives.

This workshop will explore the pedagogical possibilities of intentionally and deeply engaging images alongside course texts and other content, while helping students develop a visual imagination and vocabulary. We will take a fresh look at how to effectively use images in a Powerpoint or other presentation software, and also discuss how to use images in relation to teaching and learning with art, digital media, and student-produced images like collage, memes, and video. We will then think through and practice some of the ways that images can assist instructors to create community, facilitate learning, and foster student engagement.

Please register for this workshop at http://cuny.is/tlc-registration.

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