Mar 1 | Putting NYC to Work: Using Place-Based Assignments in Your Courses

March 1, 2017, 6:30-8:30, Room 9207

In the second installment of the TLC’s two-part workshop series on place-based learning, we’ll explore strategies for creating and integrating creative assignments that take advantage of New York’s cultural resources, including its many archives, museums, libraries, performing arts institutions, green spaces, etc.

We’ll start by considering the history and theory behind experiential learning, and discuss its particular affordances within the CUNY context. We’ll then look at examples of place-based assignments drawn from CUNY campuses, with an eye toward identifying the pedagogical and practical factors to consider when structuring experiential learning opportunities: from logistical challenges, to options for assessing creative assignments, to designing site-based activities that streamline rather than add to instructor workload. We’ll then work together to devise place-based activities that we can include in our courses and transport across disciplines.

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Workshop hosted by the Teaching & Learning Center

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