QRCC Spring 2019 Appointments

The Quantitative Research Consulting Center (QRCC) (https://www.gc.cuny.edu/About-the-GC/Provost-s-Office/QRCC/index) provides students, post-docs, and faculty greater resources for statistical support in quantitative and empirical research. The QRCC provides support for researchers at any stage of research in four main areas: (1) project/research planning, (2) statistical data analysis, (3) statistical software programming, and (4) writing.

The QRCC center is located in 3204.04 and has new appointment slots for the spring semester:

Mondays (with Kalina) – 12:00PM or 1:00PM

Fridays (with Deepali) – 12:00PM, 1:00PM, 2:00PM, or 3:30PM

Additionally, you can stop by the open office hours between 2PM-3PM on Mondays.

You can view our calendar at https://goo.gl/PGVpZD to look for available time slots. If a time is available on the calendar, nothing is listed for that slot. In order to make an appointment, please email us at QRCC@gc.cuny.edu.

Looking forward to seeing in the spring semester!

QRCC team

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