GC Digital Initiatives Sound Series

This year, the GC Digital Initiatives is sponsoring a series of talks and workshops on topics related to sound analysis, comparison, theory, production, and recording.  The GCDI Sound Series will reflect an interdisciplinary approach to sound studies and methodologies.  We invite scholars from all disciplines to explore ways we can study and use sound in our scholarship and pedagogy.

Here is the lineup of GCDI Sound Series events this spring semester. Short abstracts for each can be found on our website cuny.is/gcdisound:

2/27 Field-Recording: Beyond Your Ears

3/6 Kentucky Bourbon Tales: Oral History Project, Digital Archive and Documentary

3/7 Doing Digital Oral Histories Workshop

3/13 Sound! Workshop

3/20 Podcasting Workshop

3/22 Short Documentaries ITP Skills Lab

3/27 Audio Annotation with Praat and Python


All events are free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged. You can also follow along with our Twitter hashtag #GCDIsound.

Find more information on the GCDI Sound Series and all of our workshops and events this semester, as well as how to register at: https://gcdi.commons.gc.cuny.edu/events/.​


Lisa and Matt



Matthew K. Gold, Ph.D.
Director, MA in Digital Humanities & MS in Data Analytics and Visualization
Associate Professor of English & Digital Humanities
Advisor to the Provost for Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center
Vice President/President-Elect, Association for Computers and the Humanities
http://cuny.is/mkgold | @mkgold

Lisa M. Rhody, Ph.D.
Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives
Director of Digital Fellowship Programs
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3300.07​
lrhody@gc.cuny.edu | @lmrhody



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